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Owner Services

With over 20 years of experience in the property management industry, we know the answer to most every issue that can occur with your rental. The rental industry is constantly evolving as laws and regulations change, markets mature, economies grow or decline, and technology changes the way we do business.


We like to truly create a relationship with our owners to manage your property to ensure occupancy, reduce tenant issues, and encourage on time rent payments, eliminating hassle for you.

Here's what we do for you:

  • Rent assessments - how much is your property worth

  • Online property posting to more than 25 popular sites

  • 24/7 tenant application monitoring

  • Applicant income, credit, and criminal screening

  • Simple, legally approved Maryland lease

  • Owner communication portal

  • Licensing compliance

  • Monthly rent collection and disbursements

  • Electronic payment and disbursement

  • Monthly income/expense statement

  • 24/7 routine and emergency maintenance

  • Copies of all bills paid

  • Full pricing disclosure

  • Periodic scheduled inspections

  • Full service maintenance staff

  • Consultation and quotes for more extensive maintenance/remodels

  • Financial tracking and reporting

  • Yearly tax reporting

  • Contract management

  • Eviction processing

  • Housing voucher program compliance

Have a question?

We'll get that answer asap!

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