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Spring is here! Quick ideas to refresh your space.

Lighten, brighten, and transform your space in just a few hours.

  1. First, turn on some fun music and, if it’s warm out, open a few windows.

  2. Grab a few big bags and declutter – one bag for trash, one for donate, one for storage for now. Start in the living room or kitchen to see immediate results. Don’t get bogged down, if you’re not sure if you want to get rid of something, put it in the storage bag, and stow in a closet.

  3. Be ruthless, removing clutter will create a feeling of calm.

  4. Take down curtains, gather throw pillows and toss into a cool dryer for a couple of minutes to fluff and dust. Be careful not to shrink your curtains.

  5. Gather up important papers and bills that might be lying around and put them in a nice storage box or brown-bag-wrapped shoebox. Leave the lid off and put it where your mail often lands. Put a recycle bin in the same location. When your mail comes in, sort it immediately – important or recycle. Twice a month go thru the box and file/pay as necessary. “Optional” items you want to keep, like catalogs and magazines, should go in a stack to look at later, but don’t let that stack get more than 3 inches tall.

  6. Grab a duster stick/wand and quick dust everything from the top down. Go around the room at the floor to gather cobwebs and dust the baseboards.

  7. If you’re feeling industrious, use some spray polish on wood surfaces for a nice scented shine. Wipe appliances and cabinets.

  8. Move small furniture to the center of the room and vacuum the hidden spots. Put your furniture back, vacuum the center, and you’re done!

  9. Now for the fun spruce up!

  • Rearrange your furniture and decorations for a fun change.

  • If you have a budding shrub in your yard, bring in a few branches and place in a tall vase for an architectural look.

  • Take a trip to your local big box store and pick up a couple of coordinated sofa pillows, a fresh potted plant, kitchen towels, or a handsome new tray to catch your keys and mail.

  • Fill a big bowl with apples or pears on your kitchen counter.

  • Try a scented room spray or an essential oil. For women, lavender or lemongrass. For men, sandalwood or patchouli.

  • Enjoy your fresh, new space.


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